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Yorkey wrote the book for Sting’s The Last Ship, which opens on Broadway later this year, and has three screenplays in development. His other theater credits include Making Tracks, the musical adaptation of Ang Lee’s The Wedding Banquet, and the country musical Play It By Heart. The composer and lyricist took time out to speak with CCT as they prepared for the Broadway premiere of their latest musical, If/Then, another psychological work of feeling and wit, examining the different paths life can take based on a single decision.

I volunteer with a no kill shelter in IL. I all about adopt, don shop. Much of the problem is that many folks are not. Can start to feel sick in as little as four to five minutes, he said. Fumes themselves can be poisonous, and if we inhale them for long enough we going to get a little sick to our stomach. 42% of the poison calls in February involved people age 20 and older, the CDC said..

The City of Pleasant Hill is interested in receiving feedback from residents regarding local regulation of marijuana cultivation and sales within Pleasant Hill.Residents and businesses are asked to respond to the survey questions to help the City determine the best course of action.Click on the image above to take the survey.Cellophane, curious as what makes cannabis a dangerous drug? There are countless studies showing that it is not dangerous and a ton of benefits that come from using it.Alcohol, on the other hand, is very dangerous and I personally haven seen any medical benefits for it. Paraphrasing something I read recently is a poison that is drunk in just right volume to impair your mind but not enough to kill you Countless deaths every year from alcohol, including innocent people who happen to come across a drunk person. Is this not considered dangerous to society because the government allows it?How does one state that cannabis, which is natural and has a compound that has been proven to bind to receptors in our body and cure certain issues, is dangerous but the man made alcohol is ok? (not saying you said alcohol is ok, just going based of the legalization by the government and the continued use of alcohol and the continued federal ban on cannabis).Making cannabis legal on the federal level will only hurt big pharma, and the reason they lobby against it and continue to win.

There’s nothing radically different about this second generation CX 5. Instead, what we’ve got is a thorough evolution of the original model, the car that introduced Mazda’s ‘KODO’ ‘Soul of Motion’ design philosophy. This MK2 model takes its cues from the stunning ‘RX Vision’ concept car the brand displayed at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show and swaps the previous soft and curvy look for an altogether sharper and more mature design.

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