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City Clerk Maggie Hefter administered the oath of office to new Fire Captain Garth Schumacher Wednesday morning. Haase says they are also in the process of replacing an Assistant Fire Chief. Assistant Fire Chief Randy Cunzenheim, one of the Fire Department three Assistant Chiefs will be retiring.

Well, nickname. Everyone, from his family to his newest friends on the recruiting circuit, knows Utah attackman Cole Fairman as ‘Bubba.’ It’s a moniker from his toddler days, apparently an appropriate title to match his pudgy physical stature at the time. “When I was little, I was just the fattest baby you could imagine.

The DISC profile can give an early indication of one’s management potential. It can also suggest certain skills an employee needs to acquire before he or she can effectively head up a group of his or her own. For instance, results might show that a person scored very highly with regard to influence, meaning that she can persuade people to follow her.

People still use gold because they believe in it. We also believe in green paper with presidents faces on it. So, gold really has no more intrinsic value than that green paper. FILE In this Jan. 16, 2010 file photo, Iraq former prime minister Ayad Allawi, left, Saleh al Mutlaq, center, and Sunni lawmaker Dhafir al Ani, right, confer during a rally announcing the Iraqiya Alliance in Baghdad, Iraq. Iraq parliament on Saturday Dec 18 2010 lifted a ban on three Sunni Muslim politicians barred from running in national elections last March after being accused of having ties to Saddam Hussein ousted regime.

As described in court documents, “Vier told the girls that when they got to the motel, he was going to have sex with them.” They “conversed and agreed that they had to run when they got to Little America because they feared they would be sexually assaulted by Vier when they arrived at the motel. When the girls escaped from Vier at Little America, they took his cellular phone with them to call for help.”The Seattle Times reported that in 2015 Vier, a former Everett, Washington firefighter and paramedic, “pleaded guilty. To communicating with a minor for immoral purposes and two counts of second degree promoting prostitution.” Vier was arrested during a Seattle Police Department sting operation “after he showed up at a Seattle fast food restaurant intending to pay a juvenile girl $150 for sex” following email exchanges with unknown to him an undercover detective of the Seattle PD’s Vice High Risk Victims Unit..

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